Film and video production



Genre: Feature fiction film
Genre: cca 100 min
Based on a novel by: Goran Vojnović
Screenplay: Goran Vojnović, Aleksandar Popovski
Director: Aleksandar Popovski
Producer: Boštjan Ikovic


People remember. And that is their greatest curse.

SYNOPSIS – short

For seventeen years Vladan has believed his father Nedeljko, a Yugoslav army officer, died during the war. When he learns his father is alive and hiding from the International War Criminal Justice Court, he sets off to find him. In order to find his father and figure out whether he really is a war criminal, Vladan has to open up childhood wounds and go back to the world that he escaped from long ago. By doing so, Vladan puts all he’s got at stake and risks his own life.


Thirty-three-year-old Vladan Borojević lives a completely normal life with his girlfriend Nadja, until one day, provoked by questions from Nadja’s brother Borut, he types the name of his father Nedeljko into a web search engine. Vladan was convinced for seventeen years that his father, a member of the Yugoslav Army, had died in the war, but he turns out he is atill alive. Moreover, General Nedeljko Borojevic is accused of war crimes and has been hiding from the International Court of Justice in The Hague for several years. Vladan is determined to get in touch with his father and find out the truth about him, so he is forced to establish contact with his estranged mother Duša, who lives with his new husband Dragan and Vladan’s half-brother Mladen. Duša lied to Vladan seventeen years ago that his father had died. The relationship between Duša and Vladan has become cold over the years, at times even hostile, but Vladan still manages to find out Nedeljko’s address in Brčko, where from Nedeljko wrote to her three years ago. Duša tells him that she hadn’t been in contact with him since. Without telling Nadja, Vladan goes to Brčko the next morning and finds an empty apartment where Nedeljko lived. Neighbor Mediha tells him that Nedeljko, who lived in Brčko under the name Tomislav Zdravković, told her a lot about his son, who lived in Slovenia. While visiting the apartment, Vladan also finds Nedeljko’s unsent letter to Duša. But soon after leaving his father’s former apartment, Vladan finds himself tied up and locked in the trunk of the car. When the trunk finally opens, Vladan finds himself in an abandoned place by the river, and next to him are three men who apparently see in him an unwanted snipe and want to liquidate him. Even decades after the end of the Yugoslav war, some people are ready to kill just to hide the truth about it, but Vladan is determined to find his father regardless of the consequences.



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