Film and video production


To The Top And Back

Genre:  Documentary Film
Duration: 50 minut
Year: 2015
Screenplay:  Jan Zakonjšek
Director:  Jan Zakonjšek
Featuring: Albin Kordež, Marijana Kajzer, Tanja Cekič, dr. Jože Mencinger, dr. Maks Tajnikar, ddr. Neven Borak, dr. Borut Bratina.


There were times when the economy was thriving and all indicators were turned upwards. But then finances crashed and reality hit in – the economy had been artificially inflated. While professionals argue whether the financial crisis runs in the form of V or in the form W or has become a line segment at the bottom of a graph, we are asking: “How could this have happened?!” We got some answers first-hand and present them in the film “To The Top And Back”. Featuring Albin Kordež, a financier, the former president of the board of technical merchandise concern, the manager of the year, a member of the Council of Bank of Slovenia, a master mind of managment buyout that went South, a “tycoon”, the convict residing at the semi-open department of Institution for Serving Sentence of Prison Dob – Slovenska vas.




Screenplay:  Jan Zakonjšek
Professional associate: Igor Kadunc, MBA
Director:  Jan Zakonjšek
Director of Photography :  Radovan Čok
Editor:  Gorazd Kernel
Sound Designer:  Boštjan Kačičnik
Producer:  Boštjan  Ikovic


Albin Kordež
Marijana Kajzer
Tanja Cekič
dr. Jože Mencinger
dr. Maks Tajnikar
ddr. Neven Borak
dr. Borut Bratina


Jan Zakonjšek was born in Ljubljana in 1960. He graduated  from  the  University  of Ljubljana’s  Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. Currently he lives nad works in Ljubljana as a film, TV and theatre director, he also teaches film directing at the Academy.


Slovenian Film Centre


Arsmedia Ltd

Tehnical data

Format: 1:1,85, HD Cam, DCP, color
Sound: Stereo



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