Film and video production



Genre: Documentary film
Duration: 51 min
Year: 2017
Screenplay: Radovan Čok
Director: Radovan Čok
Featuring: Dr. Jože Pirjevec, Franko Košuta, Dr. Nadja Terčon, Duška Žitko Podgornik, Ciril Derganc, Milan Kuzmič, Jože Utenkar, Boris Cavazza, Valerij Bizjak, Venceslav Hvala, Žarko Margon, Giorgio Ribarič, Marjan Matevljič, Miloš Oblak, Vinko Oblak, Lavro Veber, Tilen Jakomin, Filip Rupnik, Luka Bonaca, Darko Nikolovski, Jošt Car, Gašper Šenica
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For as long as a millennium the Slovenians had lived by the sea and dreamed about having their own shipping. The long lasting dream came true only after the WW II. when a little piece of the Adriatic Coast was annexed to the paternal homeland. The merchant navy and corresponding industries like the Faculty of Maritime Studies and the dock services were important creators of the national naval identity. The film Navigare Necesse Est is a compact chronology of the beginnings and rapid development of the Slovenian shipping corporation, intertwined with the memories told by the seamen, who with the right extent of naval knowledge and adventurism bravely sailed over every sea and ocean of the world. The film reveals less known and too soon forgotten parts of the Slovenian history. The ending is somewhat bitter. It seems like the Resolution On Naval Course, written in 1991, is only a dead letter on the paper while the country in the last two decades saw nothing but stagnation and even a decrease in naval activities. Will unreasonably irresponsible and incompetent moves of the country’s authorities ruin the status of Slovenia as the naval country? Will those who hear the call of the sea make sure the rich naval heritage dating back to the previous century be preserved?



Screenwriter: Radovan Čok
Director: Radovan Čok
Director of Photography: Radovan Čok, ZFS
Composer: Boštjan Perovšek
Sound Recordist: Boštjan Perovšek
Sound Designer: Boštjan Kačičnik
Editor: Gorazd Kernel
Producer: Boštjan Ikovic


Dr. Jože Pirjevec
Franko Košuta
Dr. Nadja Terčon
Duška Žitko Podgornik
Ciril Derganc
Milan Kuzmič
Jože Utenkar
Boris Cavazza
Valerij Bizjak
Venceslav Hvala
Žarko Margon
Giorgio Ribarič
Marjan Matevljič
Miloš Oblak
Vinko Oblak
Lavro Veber
Tilen Jakomin
Filip Rupnik
Luka Bonaca
Darko Nikolovski
Jošt Car
Gašper Šenica

RADOVAN ČOK (Trieste, 1949)

After studying at the Faculty of Education Radovan Čok dedicated his life to photography and film. As the director of photography he debuted in 1980 with the film directed by F. Slak The Time Of Crisis (Krizno obdobje, 1981). Since then Čok has worked as the director of photography at twenty feature films and TV dramas, and shot more than one hundred documentary and short films. He received numerous awards for his work. Along with his contribution as an author he worked as a lecturer at many different schools and workshops. In 2014 he wrote a book “How To Catch Moving Images” in which he summed up all his rich experiences and practice.


• Krizno obdobje / The Time of Crisis (režiser/directed by Franci Slak)
• Decembrski dež / December Rain (režiser/directed by Božo Šprajc)
• tv serija Pripovedke iz medenega cvetličnjaka / a serial Tales From The Honey Flowerhouse (režiser/directed by Božo Šprajc)
• Operacija Cartier / Operation Cartier (režiser/directed by Miran Zupanič)
• Striptih / Stryptych (režiser/directed by Filip Robar Dorin)
• Barabe / Rascals! (režiser/directed by Miran Zupanič)
• Prehod / Transition (režiser/directed by Boris Palčič)
• Piran – Pirano / Piran – Pirano (režiser/directed by Goran Vojnović)
• Le voci nel buio/ Glasovi v temi / Voices In The Dark (režiser/directed by Rodolfo Bisatti)
• Čefurji raus! / Chefurs raus! (režiser/directed by Goran Vojnović)
• Komedija solz / A Comedy of Tears (režiser/directed by Marko Sosič).


Radiotelevizija Slovenija
Pomorski muzej – Museo del Mare
Sergej Mašera Prian – Pirano
MB grip
Iridium film


Slovenski filmski center


Format: 1:1,85, DCP, HD Cam, Color
Sound: Stereo




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