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The Space Within Us

Genre: Feature fiction film
Duration: cca 90 min
Year: In production
Screenplay:  Rahela Jagrič Pirc & Darja Medić
Director:  Rahela Jagrič Pirc
Cast:  Kolja Chilima Budišin, Ivo Barišič, Manca Dorrer, Irena Mihelič, Alenka Kraigher, Aljaž Jovanovič, Aliash Tepina, Matic Jamar, Neja Čušin, Jakob Cilenšek, Liam Cimperman
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An abandoned star observatory unites a blind astronomer and a teenager Toby.


The Space within us is coming of age drama, set in a rural, picturesque town Kostanjevica na Krki. The story revolves around 14 year old mulatto boy Toby, who comes from Canada on summer holidays with his mother Kristina, who is about to have an important art exhibition in her hometown. Toby is not excited at all to spend a summer away from his father and his friends. The situation gets even worse when the local gangs starts to bully him because of his skin color. The only positive thing about the gang is a free spirited girl named Tjasa, who leads Toby to an unusual encounter with a retired, blind astronomer Herman. Herman gradually decides to open the door of his abandoned observatory and through the telescope he shares his rich knowledge of Space with Toby. The star observatory also represents a shelter for Toby, where he runs to in order to escape the news about his parents’ marriage problems. As it turns out, even Kristina’s art exhibition was pre-planned and visiting her hometown was just an excuse to escape her marriage problems.

The roller coaster of intense emotions and dynamic events lead Toby and Kristina to confront their fears and to discover what the Universe holds for them.


Director’s statement

“The Space Within Us is a coming-of-age film that introduces us to the mysterious world of space exploration, in which the protagonist realises that certain laws of the universe can also apply to our everyday lives and interpersonal relations. This realisation helps him to win over a girl, reunite his parents, and defeat a gang of village brats. I see the universe as a universal subject that has driven people towards exploration ever since the dawn of humanity, which is why I hope that everyone will be able to discover a piece of themselves in the film.”

Producer’s statement

“The story about growing up – which depicts the relations between teenagers, mother and daughter, son and father – reaches into the depths of family and human relations. For me, to deliver a coming-of-age film that is very relevant to the society and children, represents a challenge and obligation, as culture is supposed to influence as well as benefit the society.”





Screenplay:  Rahela Jagrič Pirc & Darja Medić
Director:  Rahela Jagrič Pirc
Director of Photography:  Darko Herič
Editor: Mateja Rackov
Sound Recordists:  Primož Debeljak & Jaka Batič
Composer: Janez Dovč
Sound Designer:  Boštjan Kačičnik
Production Designer:  Miha Ferkov
Costume Designer:  Nadja Bedjanič
Make-up Artist:  Anita Ferčak
Production Manager: Amela Ikovic
Producer:  Boštjan Ikovic



Tobij Kolja Chilima Budišin
Herman Ivo Barišič
Kristina Manca Dorrer
Gizela Irena Mihelič
 Jana Alenka Kraigher
 Andrej Aljaž Jovanovič
 Patrik Aliash Tepina
 Joel Romulo Filipe de Figueiredo de Almeida
 Jakob Matic Jamar
 Tjaša Neja Čušin
 Žan Jakob Cilenšek
 Adam Liam Cimperman



Rahela Jagrič Pirc completed BA (Hons) from Film and Video Production in 2008 (Wolverhampton-UK). Her graduation film “My Two Best Friends” won the Best Drama Award as well the Best Student Production at the prestigious Royal Television Society Student Awards. Rahela’s restless spirit and tendency for challenges was clearly reflected in her Master’s film at Bournemouth University in 2009, where she directed short stereoscopic (s3D) film “Coming Home”. Film is known as the first s3D film made by Slovenian filmmaker, for which she also received a title of the Honorary Citizen by her home municipality Krško (Slovenia) for pioneer achievements in stereoscopic filmmaking. The passion for stereoscopic filmmaking led her to numerous work experiences in London, New York, Kyoto, Berlin, Auckland, Toronto. Since Rahela works a lot as script supervisor, she also joined Canadian Script-Supervisor’s Union Nabet 700. Rahela attended Berlinale Talent Campus in 2010, in 2011 was selected to Kyoto Filmmakers Lab in Japan and in the same year she also received a fellowship from the reputable German Filmmaking programme Nipkow. In 2013 she attended IUGTE – filmmakers lab in Russian Theater in Lithuania and in September 2014 was invited by the European Film Academy to attend filmmaker’s programme Sunday in a country in Luxembourg. Rahela was selected to the artist residency on The Ingmar Bergman Estate on Fårö Island in Sweden in 2014. In 2019 Rahela was selected to attend Reykjavik Talent Lab in Iceland and in the same year she also started directing a TV Drama Bridges of Us, which is broadcasted in Slovenian leading commercial Television ProPlus – POP TV. Rahela is currently in production of her directing/writing debut film The Space Within Us, which is financed by Slovenian Film Centre and produced by Arsmedia.


-2017-2020 The Space Within Us (writer/director), feature Fiction film, Arsmedia production
– 2019-2020 Bridges Of Us (director), TV Drama, Perfo Production
– 2019 Aesop (writer/director), short fiction film (in development)
– 2019 On the Edge of Arctic Circle (writer/director/DOP), mid-length documentary film (post-production),
– 2018 Intertwining threads of Modern Artists (writer/director), mid-length documentary film, Arsmedia production
– 2015 Demetrius and Marina (writer/director/DOP), short stop-motion film,  Iugte Filmmakers Lab
– 2013 Sweet Heart Eater (director), short fiction film, Fos Production
– 2009 Coming Home (director), short fiction s3D (stereoscopic) film, Bournemouth Univerza
– 2009 Buy Bye Baby (director, writer), short fiction film, 2009, Bournemouth Univerza
– 2008 The Mudlark (director), short fiction film, 2008, Bournemouth Univerza
– 2008 A Chance Meeting (director), short fiction film, 2008, Bournemouth Univerza
– 2009 My Two Best Friends (director), short fiction film, Wolverhampton Univerza,
– 2005  100 Years of Slovenian Film(writer/director), short documentary film,
– 2004 My Secret (writer/director), short fiction film,


RTV Slovenia
MB grip
Mir Media Group, SRB


Viba Film Studio


Slovenian Film Centre

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