Film and video production


Once were humans

Genre: feature film
Screnplay: Tommaso Santi, Goran Vojnović
Director: Goran Vojnović
Producer: Boštjan Ikovic


Leo is an Italian, who lives in Slovenia. Vučko is a Bosnian, who came to Slovenia as a child refugee. Leo continues living in Slovenia as he hopes that he, his ex-girlfriend Anita and their son Valter would get back together and become a family again. Vučko does not want to leave Slovenia and go to Sweden to his brother, as he does not want to feel like a refugee again. When the bank refuses to give then a mortgage for the restaurant refurbishment, Leo and Vučko are forced to accept an offer from imposter Gianni. They must steal Gianni’s truck so that Gianni would get money from the insurance. But instead of stealing Gianni’s truck Leo and Vučko mistakenly steal a truck full of refugees. And so unwillingly the refugee Vučko and the migrant Leo hold the destiny of the miserable refugees in their hands. In order to solve their own financial troubles, Leo and Vučko decide to sell the refugees. Although it seems at first that they care for those people, day by day there’s less and less humanity in either of the men.




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