Film and video production


Letters From Lindenhof

Genre: feature film
Screnplay: Miran Zupanič
Director: Miran Zupanič
Producer: Boštjan Ikovic, Franci Zajc


World War I, the Austro-Hungarian empire is on the verge of collapsing. Soldiers are dying on the battlefields while, in the hinterlands, magnates trade in war supplies. Corporal Hribar meets Ana, the daughter of Mihael Bratanitsch, scrivener, germanised Slovene, and lackey to anyone willing to pay for his services. Ana and Hribar establish a written correspondence, they grow increasingly closer. On the order of the German circle, Mihael intervenes and persuades the Slovenes to enlist their underage sons into the army cadets. They are sent to the frontline, untrained. Hribar becomes the commander of a squad of cadets, in charge of manufacturing coffins; they might be sent out to the battlefield. Ana is sickened by the machinations of her father, they have an argument, she leaves home. When a young man, Orehek, loses his life during a training exercise, Hribar decides to save these young boys and desert with all of them. One of them brands him as a traitor and gravely wounds him. Hribar survives and writes to Ana who joins him in the cadets’ army camp.

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